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  • What do you do?
    Tuning into your innermost self, from your presence, your words and symptoms I read the body to find out what each individual needs. The aim is to uncover the root cause of one's issues. By bringing awareness to these issues, our bodies can move forward in a more aligned and desirable way.
  • How can this benefit me?
    By knowing that this session is for you, you take radical self-responsibility for what is uncovered and what you want to do with it. Integration of what surfaces is of utmost importance.
  • What ailments can you treat?
    Literally anything. From physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual issues. If you're into examples: - stress and anxiety - depression - pain relief and muscle tension - headaches & migraines - behavioural issues - chronic fatigue - hyperactivity - fertility issues - allergies and food sensitivities - nutritional deficiencies - learning difficulties - ruminating thoughts - support with cancer - emotional trauma and PTSD
  • What happens during a session?
    No two sessions look alike. Even with the same person. Each session is unique to every person. Sessions may have a common treatment structure or they may be completely different each visit. The aim is to treat the individual as a whole and give each person what is best for them at that time to provide optimal benefit.
  • Is everything confidential?
    Yes. Absolutely. As part of the Privacy Act, all sessions are completely confidential and I abide strictly to protecting the privacy of my clients. I respect individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. Any time together is a safe and non-judgmental space to share openly in any area life.
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